short Tamil Lesson 1 Thamizhaa Nee Ezhuga???? Wake up oh Thamizhaa????

Thamizhaa Nee Ezhuga???? Wake up oh Thamizhaa????

Ezhundhukoh –da(masq) or Ezhundhukoh- di.. (fem) Kannah Ezhudhukka-paa .. en chellameh!

These words you will hear as the first in all the houses of Tamil Nadu and all the Tamils throughout the world! When they wake up their children.

Ezhu or Ezhuga is to rise! To get up!

Ezhundhiru or Ezhundhukoh or Ezhundhichikoh or ezhundhirichikoh all mean the same.

ezhundhukoh –da(masq) or ezhundhukoh- di.. (fem)

all these mean wake up or get up!

Ezhundhiyaa is did you get up?. Some say Ezhundhiruchiyaa? Also.
Ezhundhirichiyaa illaiya( illeya)..did you get up or not?
Ezhuvaayaa? Will you get up? Eppa ezhundhuppeh.. when you will get up?

I Want to hear the same in the houses of Tamils of South Africa also!

This is easy to use!

Instead of saying Devi get up ! Selvan get up! say devi ezhundhukoh-di! Selvan ezhundhukoh –da…..You can add Nehram aachchu( time is up) ezhundhukoh.. ezhundhuka pohriyaa illaiyaa?. Will you get up? Or not?

My Dear Sweet Youngsters of RSA ! En Anbu Then Aaprikka ChellangaLeh!

Donot feel shy..I HAVE SEEN MOST OF SOUTH AFRICAN WOMEN ABOVE 50 YRS CAN SPEAK SOME THAMIZH. When you see someone who can speak thamizh make the best use of them. Learn the spoken form. Tell them to speak to you in Thamizh whenever possible!

I pray that the ignorance go away and Tamizh knowledge prevail everywhere!

Will you…. my dear Thamizh friends of South Africa..En Anbu Then Aaprikka Thamizh NaNbargaLeh wake up to the sweet sound of Thamizh in the morning??! Or wake up the dear and near with the sweet Thamizh??!

EZHUGA THAMIZH INAMEH! Thamizhaa Nee Ezhuvaayaa???? Will you wake up oh Thamizh Speaking person????


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Vaazhga Thamizh! Vaazhga Then Aaprikka ThamizhargaL!